Kenya The 8th Most Powerful Military In Africa And 68th Worldwide

Military Strength Of Kenya 2015

Kenya with its yearly defence budget of US$ 595 million has been ranked by Global Firepower (GFP) as having the 8th most powerful military force in Africa and 68th Worldwide in the year 2015.

According to GFP 2015, Kenya has a population of around 45 million people of which 12 million are fit for military service while in the military, Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) have 24,120 active frontline personnel and another 5,000 active in the Reserve.

GFP also states that the Kenya Defence Forces are equipped with a mix of old and new military equipment which are 76 Tanks, 591 Armored Fighting Vehicles, 30 Self-Propelled Guns, 25 Towed Artillery Guns but 0 Multiple-Launch Rocket Systems, 127 Aircraft including Helicopters and 19 Naval Vessels including 7 Coastal Defence Craft.

Kenya Army Officers in a military operation
The top 11 African Countries ranked according to Military Power by GFP for the year 2015 are as follows respectively; Egypt, Algeria, South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Morocco, Tunisia, Kenya, Angola, Niger and Uganda.

In East Africa, Ethiopia takes first position as the most powerful military force followed by Kenya at second position, Uganda takes third position while Tanzania and Somalia take the fourth and fifth positions respectively. Surprisingly, GFP also shows that war torn Democratic Republic of Congo is more powerful in military strength than Tanzania.



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