Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Kenya


The Criminal Investigation Department in Kenya commonly referred to as CID is a unit which belongs to the Kenya Police Service. It is headed by a Director who reports to the Inspector General of the Kenya National Police. The Director of CID is appointed directly by the President because the position is highly sensitive.

Kenya's Criminal Investigation Department is further divided into sub departments namely; The Flying Squad, Anti-Banking Fraud Unit, Special Crime Prevention Unit, Anti-Terrorism Unit, Anti-Narcotics Unit, Ballistics Unit, Bomb Squad, Forensic Department, Cyber Forensics and Kanga Squad. These smaller departments of the CID are distributed through-out Kenya depending on the security needs of different areas. 

The CID force consists of plain clothes Police Officers known as Detectives who are responsible for conducting complex criminal investigations using advanced investigative techniques and forensic equipment. The Detectives are tasked primarily with intelligence gathering where crimes have occurred and they investigate a broad spectrum of criminal activities which include deaths, sexual assault, armed robbery, burglaries, terrorism, fraud, computer crimes and counter drug operations.

In 2009, Senior Police Officers drafted and handed a proposal to the then Police Commissioner Major General Hussein Ali and the National Task Force On Police Reforms which aims at transforming the CID into a semi-autonomous outfit with its own budget voted on by parliament. Should the proposal be approved and adopted, the CID will breakaway from the Kenya Police to form a new independent outfit to be called the National Bureau of Investigations which shall be along the lines of the American Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).

An Armed Kenyan CID Officer
For Kenyans to be recruited into the Criminal Investigation Department, they should first attend the nationwide Kenya National Police Service recruitment when the Government announces it. Successful candidates recruited into the Kenya Police Service will first be required to acquire at least two years experience with the Kenya Police then after apply to transfer to the CID and receive further specialized training in order to become Detectives.

The Criminal Investigation Department headquarters in Kenya are currently located at the ultra modern Mazingira Complex off Kiambu Road, Nairobi.

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