Paramilitary and Special Forces Kenya

General Service Unit (GSU)
The General Service Unit is a specialized paramilitary wing of the Kenya Police Service. It is an operational force not intended for use on duties of a permanent static nature. Its highly trained police officers and special forces soldiers are capable of being deployed in the event of war. The GSU also deals with situations affecting internal security throughout Kenya and primarily is a reserve force that deals with special operations and civil disorders.

General Service Unit officers drill

General Sevice Unit Recce
The GSU Recce Company is an elite unit within Kenya Police's General Service Unit. It's a hardened battle force of special forces soldiers who receive their training both locally and abroad in countries such as Israel and Britain. GSU Recce is mostly called upon to reinforce security operations and is always on standby to be deployed in case of emergencies.

GSU Recce squad hostage rescue

Administration Police (AP)
The Administration Police Service is a strong paramilitary police force in Kenya. It's fully equipped to deal with any eventuality regarding law breaking or emergency and in the event of war, it can be deployed to defend the country. The AP is also tasked with assisting Government officials in executing their duties.

Administration Police Officers

Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU)
The Rapid Deployment Unit, also known as "Radi" in Swahili which means lightning, is an emergency response unit within Kenya's Administration Police. The RDU is an equivalent of the GSU Recce Company and can be deployed within a short duration to any part of the country in response to an emergency or threat to law and order. RDU Officers are highly trained Commandos who even receive additional tactical training from the US Marines.

An Administration Police RDU Commando

Kenya Police Anti-Stock Theft Unit
In Kenya, cattle rustling is a very serious threat to internal security and has been prevalent for very many years especially among pastoral communities. Cattle rustlers usually arm themselves with firearms and even seem to have knowledge of military tactics. The Anti-Stock Theft Unit is a paramilitary wing of the Kenya Police Service that takes the war to cattle rustlers and curbs theft of cattle.

A police office from the Kenya Police Anti-Stock Theft Unit

Kenya Wildlife Service
Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) is the State Corporation responsible for managing and conserving Kenya's wildlife heritage. Its armed uniformed personnel, Kenya Wildlife Service Rangers, are highly trained and battle-hardened paramilitary officers. KWS Rangers are deployed in various conservation areas in response to the wildlife security challenges and operate in very harsh conditions such as jungles and national parks.

KWS Rangers on patrol

Elite Inter-Agency Anti-Poaching Unit
This is a special security unit recently formed by the government for the purpose of reinforcing the war on wildlife poachers in Kenya. It is under the command of the Kenya Wildlife Service and is made up of commandos drawn from elite units of the Kenya Wildlife Service, Administration Police, and the General Service Unit.

The elite anti-poaching unit soldiers

Kenya Forest Service Rangers
These are paramilitary forest rangers from the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) which is a corporate body mandated with conserving and managing Kenya's  forest resources. Kenya Forest Service Rangers conduct security operations in forests through-out Kenya and protect them e.g from illegal logging, widlife poachers etc. 

Kenya Forest Service Rangers 



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