How to Join the Kenya Wildlife Service

How to become  a Kenya Wildlife Service Ranger

The Kenya Wildlife Service (K.W.S) is a state corporation which manages and conserves Kenya's wildlife. As a paramilitary uniformed service conducting security operations in the country's conservation areas, it enforces related laws and regulations and contributes to national security. The service is under the command of the Director-General.

KWS Rangers operate in harsh, remote and hostile climatic environs hence prospective candidates who wish to join must be people who can brave these conditions. The Government announces to the general public via the media the recruitment of suitable young men and women into the Kenya Wildlife Service to train as Rangers.  Those who are interested must present themselves for the exercise at the designated recruitment centers and dates in their respective Counties. Successful candidates who are enlisted undergo basic intensive paramilitary training for 6 months at the KWS Law Enforcement Academy - Manyani. 

Entry Requirements

Interested candidates must meet the set requirements. In general, an applicant must:
(1) Be a Kenyan citizen
(2) Hold a valid Kenyan National Identity Card
(3) Be aged between 18 - 25 years
(4) Possess a minimum mean grade of D- (minus) in the KCSE examinations. During 2015's recruitment, KWS lowered the academic pass for that year and candidates were required to have a KCSE maximum grade of D+ (plus) and a minimum of E.
(5) Be physically and medically fit in accordance with the KWS standards
(7) Have no criminal record
(8) Female candidates must NOT be pregnant
Please Note

  • Candidates are required to present their original academic certificates during recruitment for verification alongside photocopies of the same. Originals are returned to the owner before leaving the recruitment center.
  • Presenting fake/falsified identity cards or academic certificates will get you arrested and prosecuted.
  • Canvassing and lobbying lead to automatic disqualification.
  • KWS Rangers recruitment is FREE OF CHARGE to all Kenyans. Any person caught engaging in any corrupt activity will be arrested and prosecuted.



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