Kenya Defence Forces Ranked The 6TH Most Powerful Military In Africa & 46TH Globally In 2013


Kenya Defense Forces was ranked as the sixth most powerful army in Africa by Global Fire Power (GFP) 2013.

Surprisingly, KDF comes in position two in East Africa because Ethiopia's National Defense Forces was ranked by G.F.P 2013 as the second most powerful military in Africa. In regards to this, Kenya should reconsider thinking itself as the " superpower " of East Africa & handover the title to it's northern neighbour Ethiopia.

Kenyan Soldiers
GFP's ranking are based on a countries potential war-making capability across air, land & sea while incorporating values related to logistical, financial & geographical positions. Nuclear capability is not taken into account.

The top 7 most powerful militaries in Africa as per Global Fire Power 2013 fall as follows:-
1. Egyptian Armed Forces
2. Ethiopian National Defense Forces
3. South African National Defense Force
4. Nigeria Armed Forces
5. Military of Algeria
6. Kenya Defense Forces
7. Libyan National Army

Globally, Kenya Defense Forces was ranked as the 46th most powerful military in the world again surprisingly even beating developed countries e.g Belgium, Chile, Singapore, oil rich U.A.E, e.t.c

According to Global Fire Power 2013, KDF is armed with 186 tanks, 365 armored fighting vehicles, 6500 logistical vehicles, 148 air crafts, 78 helicopters, 7 coastal crafts for the Navy and other numerous military hardware & weaponry not mentioned here.


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