Kenya Prisons Service To Change To Kenya Correctional Services


The Kenya Prisons Service was created in the year 1911. It contributes to public safety and security by ensuring there is safe custody of all persons who are lawfully committed to prison facilities as well as facilitating the rehabilitation of custodial sentenced offenders for community reintegration.

Kenya Prisons Warders
The prisons department has been criticized for its very harsh conditions and poor services which seem to harden rather than correct criminals but with Kenya getting a new constitution, the Government has plans to reform the rehabilitation of inmates, housing, healthcare, transport and general welfare of prison staff and prisoners.

A proposal has been on the discussion table to change the Kenya Prisons Service into an independent body named Kenya Correctional Service (KCS). This newly formed prisons department shall be headed by a Director General appointed by the President and approved by the National Assembly and is also going to have highly trained Officers who use minimal force and have integrity and respect for human rights while dealing with offenders.

The Government could also be planning to adopt a private prisons management system with the aim of improving conditions in Kenya's correctional facilities. The criminal justice system in Kenya is reeling under a rising prison population which is causing overcrowded prison conditions and the Government can decide to privatize some prison services. Private companies could be contracted by the Government to provide correctional services such as drug rehabilitation and job training of inmates while others could provide operational services such as catering, healthcare, laundry and cleaning services.

The Government has indeed held discussions with private security companies such as G4S with a view of outsourcing prison services to the firms. G4S already manages prisons in some countries across the world e.g in the UK, it runs several immigration prisons and in South Africa's Free State Province, it manages the Mangaung Correctional Centre which has a capacity of 2,500 prisoners.