Kenya, 42 Police Officers Killed By Turkana Cattle Raiders


On 10 November 2012 in Baragoi, Samburu County, a brigade of around 167 police officers drawn from the Anti-Stock Theft Unit, General Service Unit, Administration Police, Kenya Police and Police Reservists were deployed on an operation to recover more than 450 herds of livestock which had earlier been stolen from Samburu herders by a heavily armed Turkana militia.

Turkana Tribesmen with Guns
The police brigade managed to locate the stolen animals in Suguta valley but unknown to them, the Turkana raiders were lurking in the hills waiting for them. In what seemed like a well orchestrated military style ambush, the raiders opened fire on the unsuspecting officers and mowed down 42 of them while the rest fled. It is said that most of these officers had recently passed-out from their respective police training colleges and had never been in a battle field before.

Following the incident, the Kenya Defence Forces alongside the Paramilitary police forces were deployed to Baragoi on an operation to restore peace and calm in the area and apprehend the bandits who had murdered the police officers. They were also tasked with recovering the firearms which the raiders stole from the killed officers and also mop-up all illegal arms owned by pastoralists in the area.