Kenya Defence Forces 2012 Recruitment

Last year (2011), the Kenya Defence Forces did not recruit Service men and women. This might have been caused by the Operation Linda Nchi which begun in October 2010. Kenyan troops were deployed into Somalia to pursue, fight and subdue the Al-Shabaab who have been undermining Kenya's sovereignty.

The Government must have re-directed resources towards the military operation hence the reason why the Defence Forces did not recruit service members. 

A Kenya Army Badge
This year (2012) Kenyans who wish to join the military should prepare themselves because the Kenya Defence Forces might recruit the following:- Service men and women, General Service Officer Cadets, Specialists Officers, Trades men and women and Defence Forces Constabularies.

Note that the ongoing Operation Linda Nchi and the coming General elections are two factors that might affect the 2012 Kenya armed forces recruitment as the Government shall spend heavily on both.