Certificate Of Good Conduct During Kenya Army & Police Recruitment

Personnel to be employed into any of Kenya's armed security forces are expected to be of  unquestionable character.

They should not have past criminal records as they shall be handling weapons such as firearms.

Since potential recruits during Kenya's armed security forces recruitment are expected to have clean records, they may be required to have Certificates Of Good Conduct.

Though the certificate was scrapped as a requirement during the National Police Service 2011 recruitment, we should not assume that it shall not be needed during Kenya Defense Forces 2011 recruitment.

The Good Conduct Certificate is applied at the Kenya Police Criminal Investigations Department for Kshs 1000/= and its processing period takes 2 weeks i.e 14 days.

Apply for it early incase its a requirement during the Kenya Armed Security Forces recruitment exercises.Click HERE for more information on the Kenya Police Certificate Of Good Conduct application.


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