Kenya Armed Forces 2011 Recruitment Date Prediction

This year, up to 7000 Kenyan youths were blessed with the opportunity of joining Kenya National Police Service this.

But how many will enlist during Kenya's Defence Forces 2011 recruitment?

Wikipedia (2011) runs an article on Kenya's military which states that:
"Due to Kenya's present dismal economic situation, annual recruitment of new constables in all the military is not more than 2000 personnel."

So, this means that not unless otherwise, not more than 2000 Kenyan youths will join the Kenya army, air force and navy during this years armed forces recruitment.

Air Force & Navy Officers
This can further be supported by the fact that only 1800 service men & women enlisted during last year's armed forces recruitment.

Last year (2010), Kenya armed forces recruitment of General Service Officer Cadets, Trades men & women took place in July while service men & women were recruited in August.

Based on last year's events, we can assume that Kenya armed forces cadet recruitment 2011 might be conducted in July while service men & women in August.