A 2nd Kenya National Police 2011 Recruitment

Will There Be A Second Police Recruitment This Year?

Congratulations to all those youths who were recruited to be trained as Police Constables in the recent Police recruitment.

Out of the 7000 candidates selected, 4000 will join the mighty Administration Police while the other 3000 will train with the regular police.

The recruits are expected to report to the respective Police Training Colleges between the 12th & 15th of May 2011.

Kenya Police 
I took part in this year's Police recruitment but that's a story for another day. 

Its been said that the Government targets to recruit 14000 police officers before next year's generals elections.

This raises the question, since recruitment of the first 7000 has taken place, does it mean that a second police recruitment is on the offing this year?

Please leave a comment if you could be having details.