Kenya Police Service 2011 Recruitment Postponed

According to T.V news sources yesterday, the Kenya police recruitment exercise has been postponed.

It was to be conducted during this month of March 2011 but has been postponed until a Police Service Commission is established.

As per the new Kenyan constitution,  one of the functions of the Police Service Commission shall be to recruit officers into the police service so, police recruitment cannot take place until the commission is formed.
The Police Service Commission shall consist of:
  1. A person who is qualified to be appointed as a High Court Judge appointed by the State President.
  2. Two retired senior police officers appointed by the State President.
  3. Three persons of integrity who have served the public with distinction appointed by the State President.
  4. The Inspector General of the Kenya Police Service - " the new constitution requires that the regular police & administration police to merge under the same command of the Inspector General ". 
So, police aspirants, lets hope that the commission is established soonest.

Click HERE for more information on The Kenya Police Service as per the new Kenyan Constitution.