Kenya Police & Kenya Administration Police Recruitment 2011

Based on most of the comments, many hopefuls would really like to know about when the Police Forces in Kenya are likely to recruit this year.

Kenya Army Blogspot may not be able to answer this question but information on this years recruitment will soon be released to the public and all your queries shall be answered.

Administration Police Recruitment
A joint national Kenya police & Administration police recruitment exercise is expected to be conducted this month i.e March 2011 so, not unless otherwise its just a matter of time before we line up in our respective administrative districts to be recruited.

This year's recruitment is intended to increase the number of Police Officers ahead of the 2012 General Elections.

The recruits shall undergo rigorous training and graduate in time to be deployed by August 2012 to maintain law & order since an upsurge in criminal activities is exected during the general elections.