How to Join the Kenya National Police Service

How to be recruited into the Kenya Police, the General Service Unit (G.S.U), the Administration Police & the Directorate of Criminal Investigations

The National Police Service consists of the Kenya Police Service, the Administration Police Service and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (C.I.D). The General Service Unit (G.S.U) is a specialized wing of the Kenya Police that deals with special operations and civil disorders. The entire National Police Service is under the independent command of the Inspector General and each of the 3 services is headed by a Deputy Inspector General.

Kenya Police

Administration Police

For recruitment into the National Police Service, the Government / Inspector General announces to the general public the recruitment of suitable young Kenyans to train as Police Constables in the Kenya Police, General Service Unit, Administration Police and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations. The recruitment exercise takes place countrywide on the same day at the appointed recruitment centers only. Successful candidates who are enlisted are then sent to the various Police Colleges for a rigorous 9 months basic training. After passing out, they are bound to serve the National Police Service for a minimum period of ten (10) years.

1. Entry Requirements

Prospective candidates who wish to join must satisfy the set conditions and requirements. In general, an applicant must:
(1) Be a citizen of Kenya
(2) Hold a valid Kenya National Identity Card
(3) Possess a minimum mean grade of  D+ and above in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examination (K.C.S.E) or its equivalent from an examination board recognized in Kenya, with a D+ and above in either English or Kiswahili languages
(4) Be aged between 18 - 28 years (K.C.S.E holders) and up to 30 years (University graduates)
(5) Meet the requirement of Chapter SIX of the Constitution
(6) Be physically and mentally fit
(7) Have no criminal record or pending criminal charges
(8) Female candidates must NOT be pregnant at recruitment and during the ENTIRE training period
Please Note
(1) Examination result slips are not accepted. Applicants are required to present their original academic certificates and testimonials for verification purpose only and are then  returned to the owner before leaving the recruitment center. Presenting fake/ false documents will get you arrested and prosecuted.
(2) Applicants who canvass directly or indirectly are disqualified.
(3) Police recruitment is FREE TO ALL Kenyans and no one can influence the process. Those caught engaging in any corrupt/ illegal activity are arrested and prosecuted.
Under section 25 of the National Police Service Commission Act, any person who willfully gives false or misleading information to the Commission in any particular material commits an offense and shall on conviction be liable to a fine not exceeding Kenya shillings two hundred thousand (Ksh 200, 000) or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two (2) years or both.

2. Vacancies in the National Police Service

a. Police Constables
b. Having a skill will give you an advantage over the other prospective candidates. This is because Applicants with skills such as any of the below-mentioned are encouraged to apply
(a) Forensic Scientists
(b) Carpenters and Joiners
(c) Cartographers
(d) Clinical Officers, Nurses & Pharmacists
(e) General Fitters
(f) Draughtsmen
(g) Electrical Assistants & Electronic Technicians
(h) Foreign language experts &  Sign Language Interpreters
(i) Hospitality professionals (Caterers, Waiters, Housekeepers, Cooks & Laundry operators)
(j) ICT Experts
(k) Laboratory Technicians
(l) Librarians
(m) Masons
(n) Metal Workers, Welders & Fabricators
(o) Motor Vehicle Mechanics, Panel Beaters & Vehicle Electricians
(p) Musicians/ Bandsmen
(q) Painters & Sign Writers
(r) Photographers
(s) Plant Mechanics & Plant Operators
(t) Sportsmen / Women
(u) Tailors
(v) Veterinary Technicians
(w) Videographers & Video Editors
3. Application Submission

Candidates are required to fill a prescribed application form obtained/downloaded from the announced Government offices/Web sites. The forms are submitted accompanied with photocopies of the following documents: 
(a) Original academic certificates and testimonials
(b) The Kenya National ID Card
(c) Applicant's Birth Certificate
(d) Police Clearance Certificate
On the day of the recruitment exercise, Applicants must then present themselves at the Recruitment Center with the duly completed application form indicating the Service they wish to join, and copies of the above-required documents. Remember, The early bird catches the worm, therefore, be there early!

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