Kenya Wildlife Service Rangers Recruitment


Happy new year. This year has started well with a surprise announcement from Kenya Wildlife Service for recruitment of Rangers into the service.

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) manages and conserves Wildlife in Kenya and it wishes to recruit Men and Women who can endure harsh, remote and hostile environmental conditions for training and deployment into various conservation areas as Rangers.

Successful  candidates shall undergo a 6 months paramilitary training with KWS and then afterwards they shall be deployed to the various Parks, Reserves and Stations to conduct security operations.

Interested candidates who meet the following requirements as shown below should present themselves at the respective County recruitment centres:-
  • Must be a Kenyan citizen
  • Must hail from within the County of recruitment
  •  Aged between 18-25 years
  •  Height 5ft 8 inches for men; 5ft 4 inches for women
  • Education minimum KCSE D - (Minus) 
  • Good unaided eyesight
  •  Good health and physique
  •  Clean record (valid Certificate of Good Conduct from the CID)
  •  Candidates must carry with them Original Certificates, National ID Card and other testimonials
The recruitment shall start on 17 Jan 2011 and end on 29 Jan 2011. Please click HERE for more vital info on recruitment dates and the County recruitment centres.



  1. How long ago must one have acquired a certificate of good conduct? Is a waiting receipt from CID valid?

  2. @ Anonymous

    Isn't a certificate of good conduct processed & issued on the same day of application?

  3. It takes 14 working days to get one. Thats approx 3 weeks. I got one in 2008 and I'm not sure if thats valid. By the way, when are the police recruiting

  4. what is the ratio of gentles and ladies recruitment. we need to balance.

  5. Are you going to try and get into the KWS service? Isn't the army your aspiration?

  6. @ Anonymous - am getting conflicting info as to whether a CID waiting receipt can be used in place of a Certificate Of Good Conduct. The best way to get accurate info is to contact or visit CID offices for advice & please share with us.

    @ Anonymous 11:08 PM - I have no idea but am sure more males are recruited since military operations require physical strength.

    @ Savvy - I actually do not mind serving with KWS as a ranger. What do Kenyan soldiers do apart from spending most of their time in military bases? Am also just not thinking locally, am aiming beyond Kenyan borders too.

  7. what if you are interested and have passed the age limit

  8. @ Anonymous 8:09 AM - I don't think there is hope for a person who's past the required age. But, its better for such a person to present him/her self for recruitment coz you never know what might happen. I hope in future the armed forces raises the age limit to 30.

  9. Dön't join kws if you can do something else

  10. @ Anonymous 9:45 AM - Whats up with the suspense? It could be better if you told people why they shouldn't join KWS.

  11. Hw mny pple wil b recruited

  12. @ Anonymous 3:54 AM - KWS is yet to announce. Lets wait

  13. Whe is the recruitment of airforce going to take place n what shall be the requirements

  14. @ Anonymous - the military is yet to announce Kenya Armed Forces Recruitment 2011. Recruitment of Land Forces, Airforce & Navy usually takes place on the same dates.

  15. i have heard rumors that there is a new Kenya military training college at yatta is that true???


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