Kenya Airports Authority Security and Safety Wardens Recruitment 2011

Kenya Airports Authority which is responsible for managing all airports in Kenya is in the process of recruiting Security and Safety Wardens.

Those that shall be recruited shall undergo a 3 months paramilitary training at the Kenya Wildlife Service Manyani Field Training School.

Kenya Airports Authority Wardens usually conducts security and safety operations at the various airports
they are based in.
          Kenya Airports Authority           
Those that wish to join must meet the following conditions:
1. Must be Kenyan citizens
2. Must hail from the County of recruitment
3. Aged between 18-26 years
4. Height 5ft  9 inches for men; 5ft 6 inches for women
5. Education minimum; KCSE C with a pass in English & Maths
6. Good unaided eyesight
7. Good health and physique
8. No criminal record
9. Candidates must carry with them Original Certificates, National ID Card and other testimonials.

Interested candidates are required to present themselves at their respective County centres for the recruitment exercise.

Recruitment starts on 17-01-2011 and ends on  29-01-2011.

Please check on the Newspapers for recruitment centres & dates. This information was acquired from The Daily Nation Of 14-01-2011.



  1. i really do not like the strategic ways that you use to recruit us most of us can not run that fast to be in the first position but with a lot of qualities that we can be good and of high intelligence and passion in KWS or please you need to look beyond just running.

  2. i am steal not believing how you pull me out of the group because of 5feet, 7inches instead of 5.8 yet i have diploma in wildlife train people and you don't use them by giving them priorities why? i don't understand. we will achieve less as a country if we continue like that. using people like me as rangers can make more sense because of the knowledge though little its very important. but if you have another plan for such diploma and degree persons in wildlife management among others with knowledge in conservation

  3. Im an NYS member and I really wanted to join u people but u kicked me out because of height yet I'm physically fit. During my six months of paramilitary training, I was the best in drills. I would really like to work with you people.

  4. am completely satisfied with your field recruitment. ther was no issue of Godfather, favourites or bribery. it was free and fair. somebody has complained about running, if you cant run; how can you chase and nub a criminal? other field recruiters should borrow a leaf from you.

  5. I was kicked out of the recruitment simply because i was 5ft 8inches but you preffered 5'9.You did not even put into consideration that i had scored a B plain in K.C.S.E and i believe through training i would have made a very intelligent officer bearing in mind that i had been a scout.All the same good job.

  6. i think the Kenya army should consider people this time round.i really want to join the forces no matter what will happen for me to join the forces. i believe i am well enough to join when God allows me to do so.
    thank you very match you guys for protecting our country may God bless you and also may he bless Kenya.

  7. when are u going to release the names of the selected recruits?


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