Kenya Police, Administration Police And General Service Unit Recruits Might Start Joint Training

A shameful incident was aired by the media on national television whereby armed General Service Unit police officers ganged on and beat up three of their counterparts from the Administration Police at the Nyeri residence of Gerishon Kirema.

Kenya's Administration Police and the General Service Unit are similar as they're both paramilitary and even their uniforms are almost identical but however, friction exists between both and the Nyeri incident confirms this. Sometimes there are also reports in Newspapers of police officers from the various police services in Kenya fighting and even sometimes killing each other when they meet in public.

Kenya Police in blue, GSU in Green Camo & Red Beret, AP in Green Camo & Black Beret
Now, according to an article in the local dailies, as part of the ongoing Police Reforms in Kenya, it is proposed that recruits from the Kenya Police, Administration Police and General Service Unit will start basic training together. The joint training will aim at standardizing training and reducing bad blood amongst officers from the different police services. After the basic joint course, the recruits will then receive specialised training to suite their services. The police reforms are also expected to merge Kenya Police, Administration Police and the General Service Unit under one command.



  1. So there is regular police, administration police and the GSU? Hmm... We all watched the news two years ago when the police beat up anyone on the street during the post election violence period.

  2. @ Savvy Kenya during the PEV we actually saw nothing my friend. Ask the PEV victims.

    Yes there is the Police, A.P & GSU. Regular Police are the ones who clad in blue. The AP's & GSU both paramilitary wear almost the same combat uniform with slight differences. The GSU wear red berets while the APS beret's are black.

  3. Seems like you know your force well.


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