Kenya Defence Forces Uniform

Organized militaries of countries in the world don standardized uniforms and Kenya is no exception. Each of the three arms of the Kenya Defence Forces (Army, Air Force & Navy) has its own distinct sets of uniforms worn by the service members. The uniforms display the arm of the military which a soldier belongs to and there are specific attires for different situations. Types of military uniforms are as follows:

01. Utility Uniforms
Also known as working uniforms, they are worn by soldiers while performing the day-to-day military duties. These include the camouflaged army combat uniform, air force flight suit, navy diving suit, chef dress, doctors and nurses uniforms.

02. Service Uniforms
These are worn by soldiers in situations where formal dressing is called for. The full-service dress which generally consists of polished black shoes, trousers, a pressed collared shirt and a coat is worn during special events and ceremonies such as state functions, funerals, and weddings.

Some service uniforms can be modified into utility uniforms of certain personnel e.g soldiers may wear a modified service dress without the coat as their daily uniform.

03. Mess Dress
The Mess Dress is also known as the Mess Uniform. It is the formal evening dress that soldiers wear in the mess or during black/white-tie events such as formal dinners and parties. It consists of a mess jacket and trousers worn with a formal shirt and other formal accessories and can be said to have a "suit" like appearance.

04. Physical Training Uniforms 
These are worn during field events such as exercise, jogging, working out in the gym and during physical fitness tests. They mostly consist of tracksuits, shorts, t-shirts and sports shoes.

Kenya Army Uniforms

Kenya Army Combat Uniform

Kenya Army Service  or Utility Uniform

Kenya Army Full-Service Dress Uniform

Mess Dress Kenya Army on Aide de Camp Behind President

Kenya Air Force Uniforms

Kenya Air Force Combat Uniform

Kenya Air Force Flight Suit

Kenya Air Force Service Uniform without coat modified into Utility Uniform

Kenya Air Force Full-Service Dress

Kenya Navy Uniforms

Kenya Navy Combat Uniform

Kenya Navy Diving Suit

Kenya Navy Service or Utility Uniform

Kenya Navy Full-Service Dress



  1. I love the Kenyan Navy white uniform

  2. I love Kenya Army training combat of all but the others are not badly off.

  3. i really enjoy trooping of the colors,which the parade really looked nice

  4. i realty like you people and i would like to join you people no matter what the training takes.

  5. Combats are only for the jungle masters,Kenya army top mzee.Army check out am in Mandera A.p (R.D.U).
    Tuchanje job wasee.

  6. i love the kenya navy uniform especially the white ones wiht zero caps

  7. Its the navy that ticks mazee.. they are the best in basic drill. wait till they get their kn jasiri- the ship still in spanish dockyard


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